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EVA50grambottle Elk Velvet Antler Powder - 50 gram bottle
An effect way to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with: Joint Degenerative Conditions, Hip or Elbow Dsphasia or Ligament Injury According to Dr. Clinton J. Balok, a practicing veterinarian at the Cedar Animal Medical Center in Gallup, New Mexico Velvet antler will Improve quality of life in pets, increase activity and well being and improve hair coat. Dr. Balok has several clinical reports regarding the effectiveness of velvet antler in dogs and cats. Among those, Balok reports on GOODBUTTS, 17 years old cat with severe kidney malfunction. After treatment using 300 mg of elk velvet antler, blood tests showed a marked improvement with more normal readings from the BUN (blood urea nitrogen) tests. POGO, 13 year old miniature dachshund with an arthritic back and failing kidneys and experiencing pain upon palpation of his back and hips. Pogo was started on 600 mg of velvet antler daily for two weeks, placed on a highly digestible kidney diet. Noticed improvement after eight days. Continued improvement included appetite and hair coat also with greatly improved mobility. Pogo was put on maintenance of 300 mg. daily. MAC, 8 year old Labrador with hip dysphasia. For several years Mac experienced abnormal gait and pain with the diagnosed grade II dysphasia. Dosage for Mac was 900 mg of velvet antler daily for two weeks, then dosage lowered to 600 mg daily. Owner states he did not notice an immediate response with the velvet, but eventually Mac's limp was gone. ABILGAIL, 3 year old basset hound with dislocated kneecap and the anterior cruciate ligament was stretched or torn. Surgical treatment was not economically possible, but the patella was relocated and secured with a pressure wrap to prevent future dislocation. Velvet antler dosage was started at 900 mg daily for two weeks, then dosage was adjusted to 600 mg. daily. The owner reported noticeable improvement within ten days and with three weeks Abilgail no longer limped and appeared to be completely pain free. TASHA,a middle aged Alaskan husky with major knee injury. A pre-surgical dose of 600 mg. daily with post surgery dosage remaining at 600 mg. Velvet antler used as supplementation to aid in accelerating the healing process. How many capsules Should You Give Your Dog? The following dosages were used in the University of Montreal Clinical Trial: Note: MCEF Velvet Antler Capsules are 250 mg. each. 20 - 39.9 kg. 40-79 lb. 560 mg. daily OR approximately 1/2 tsp. of powder 40 - 59.9 kg. 80-119 lb. 840 mg. daily OR approximately 3/4 tsp. of powder 60 - 79.9 kg. 120 - 159 lb. 1120 mg. daily OR approximately 1 tsp. powder