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va90back Elk Velvet Antler Capsules -90 count bottle
MANUFACTURING AND QUALITY STANDARDS MCEF’s manufacturing standards start long before the capsules are bottled, they start at the farm, where the antlers are produced. Choice herd management practices that include sound nutritional habits are key in the result of the high quality of our elk products. MCEF uses The North American Elk Breeder’s established "Velvet Harvesting Guidelines," to achieve maximum nutritional value in harvested antlers. Quality control practices for MCEF include processing standards established to insure product reliability and consumer safety. Raw Velvet - All velvet used in MCEF’s capsules , originates from either Meadow Creek Elk Farms or from elk farms in Wisconsin and Michigan who supply velvet to MCEF. To insure the best quality products, only premium antlers are used. MCEF uses the whole beam in their velvet antler products. The whole beam utilizes all properties for an excellent synergistic product. MCEF adheres to the NAEBA code of ethics and complies with the Elk Farming Handbook for all matters of animal care, health and management. MCEF follows the industry-approved method of velveting using harvesting guidelines established by The North American Elk Breeders Association , which they state in the "The Velvet Management Handbook." MCEF harvests velvet using "Velvet Harvesting Guidelines" chart published by NAEBA, to insure proper length and outgrowth to achieve maximum nutritional value. Velvet Processing - All processing is done at a government inspected antler drying facility per Federal or State regulations For product quality, all drying procedures are approved by MCEF. Traditional Korean method of drying is used. Drying is slow, low heat, and use of fans, much like the convention oven of today. Grinding and pulverizing antler is done to meet requirements established by the FDA encapsulating lab. Every batch of ground antlers used is 100 % velvet antler with no additives, using the entire antler, including tip and base. A microbiological analysis is done for each batch of processed ground antlers at a pharmaceutical testing laboratory to ensure product safety. The test includes the following: an aerobic plate count, salmonella, coliform, E. Coli, Staphylococci, yeast and molds. Each batch of antlers must meet the microbiological specifications established for FDA approved Laboratories. Analytical results are kept on file at MCEF. A copy of the Laboratory Report is available upon request to all buyers. Encapsulation - is performed at an FDA Inspected Laboratory using General Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Each batch is assigned a batch number and expiration date, which is identified and stamped on the label. Sample bottles from each batch are held in an accredited warehouse for tractability. Each bottle of velvet antler is safety sealed to ensure consumer protection. All labels meet the labeling requirements established by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).